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Swanson Insurance is committed to providing the best service and the most competitive prices for your Commercial Insurance needs. With several companies to choose from, Swanson Insurance prides itself in being able to insure almost anyone, even under the most challenging circumstances. 

Group Health Insurance

Offer Your Employees Group Health Rates

At Swanson Insurance, we understand the important role that quality employee benefits play in attracting and retaining a good work force. Our knowledge and experience can help you design group medical, dental, life, and disability insurance plans that meet your needs. We can even help you set up group retirement plans such as SEP’s, 401k’s, and simple IRA’s. Good planning doesn’t stop there. What about passing your business or farm on to the next generation? How about doing something extra for your key employees? At Swanson Insurance we have the experience of helping you with key person benefits and business continuation planning. Contact us for a free consultation on how these benefits and plans can work for you.

Umbrella (Excess Liability)

For Extra Piece Of Mind

A commercial umbrella policy can provide your business an extra layer of insurance protection in the event of a serious claim. An umbrella policy will provide protection over your commercial auto, general liability and other liability policies. This layer of protection will be there if a claim surpasses the liability limits that are in your underlying policies. In a world where bad things sometimes happen, you can sleep better knowing that all that you have earned for yourself and for your family is protected. Contact a Swanson agent today to learn more about your needs when it comes to having an umbrella policy over your company.

Commercial Property/General Liability

Keeping Your Business Investments Safe From The “What Ifs” In Life

Commercial property insurance will cover your owned business property from your building to the contents inside that keep your business going. Replacing computers, paperwork, accounts receivable, and other property is expensive and time consuming. Your insurance should be there to ease that burden in the event of a loss. Moving expenses, clean-up, repairs and replacement, through it all your insurance company and your experienced agents at Swanson Insurance will let you know you are not alone.

Workers Comp/Liability

Security For You & Your Employees

Owning a business means that you may have employees that work for you. State law mandates that these employees, whether they be from your office staff, drivers, or your production employees, be covered under a workers compensation policy. Workers comp provides coverage for an employee in the event of injury on the jobsite. Workers comp also provides temporary and permanent disability for employees whose injuries prevent them from working again. Workers compensation also provides benefits to a widowed spouse if the employee is killed in a work-related accident.

Do not overlook workers compensation insurance, as it is required by the law for all of your employees, regardless of their position within your company. If you do not currently have workers comp insurance, or you are not properly covered, one severe injury can bankrupt a company. Please contact a Swanson Insurance agent today to learn more about this valuable coverage for your company.

Bond Issuance

Allowing You To Do The Job You Want To Do

Swanson insurance can handle the issuance of bonds; surety bonds, performance bonds and property brokers are only a few that we can provide. We handle most types of bonds even hard to place operations. Give us a call and let us meet your bonding needs.

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