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Multi-Peril Crop & Hail Insurance

4 Different Multi-Peril Crop Coverage Plans

  • The MPCI (APH)
    The MPCI is a production based coverage protecting the producer against a yield (bushel) loss.
  • Revenue Protection
    Revenue Protection establishes a dollar guarantee based on the Commodity Exchange Price Provisions Protected Price. There are various levels of protection against the increase or decrease of commodity price levels.
  • The Group Risk Income Protection plan (GRIP)
    Group Risk Income Protection plans are where revenue guarantees and losses are determined on a county basis.
  • The Catastrophic Coverage (CAT)
    Catastrophic Coverage is a minimal production based coverage protecting the producer against a yield (bushel) loss.

Crop Hail Insurance
Crop hail insurance protects the producer for the peril of hail. The coverage protection is based on a dollar amount per acre. Various deductibles (5%, 10%, 20%) are available. If a producer has a multi-peril insurance policy he can buy a companion hail policy. This plan is also based on a dollar amount per acre, but the loss is paid out 2, 3, or 4 times faster depending on the producer’s choice.

A Production Plan hail coverage endorsement is also available. This covers hail on a unit basis on the portion of the crop not insured on the multi-peril policy.

Livestock Mortality

Two Plans For Protecting Your Livestock

The Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

  • Protects against declining livestock prices. The guarantee is based on the number of head times a target weight times a coverage price times the producer’s share.

The Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)

  • Protects the gross margin between the value of the insured livestock and the cost of feed inputs. The guarantee is based on the expected total gross margin times the coverage level.
Complete Farm Protection Plans

For Extra Piece Of Mind

The Farm Protection Plan includes the following coverage:

  • Farm property protects the dwelling, farm structures and all the personal property.
  • Farm Business Auto covers all the farmer’s autos, trucks, pickups, etc.
  • Farm Liability covers incidents where the farmer is held liable for various occurrences.
  • Farm Inland Marine covers any farm personal property needing broader coverage including all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and boats.
  • Farm Umbrella is an excess liability available to provide greater protection along with the underlying farm, auto, and inland marine liability.
  • Workman Compensation is a mandatory protection for the farmer’s employees.

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